We just purchased a new cartridge ink for our printer HP Officejet 4620. After months of sacrificing no printing anything in the house we finally decided to get one from Future shop. Not the whole set actually only the color black since the price is way very expensive. I picked the 250 pages printing and it cost $20.05 CAD. This time seems we need to economize or watch carefully on the stuff we are going to print.
We bought the printer in the price of $60+ when the store was on sale. We found it cheap for its features scan, fax, print and wireless. But now that we know the real value of its ink we consider it so expensive. It’s like a big money sucker pig! Well, I research online if I could self-refill it like I used to do with my free printer from Smartbro because cheaper that way but I couldn’t find the answer for my question. I have to make further research in any close ink-refilling station if such cartridge can be DIY refilled. 
Expensive HP Officejet 4620 Printer Ink

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