Nowadays due to economic downturn many individuals are decided to change of career path as a way of financial survival. Some decided to take short courses online from the comfort of their home while doing their home-based job. Actually success simply relies in your own hands. What’s being planted is what you’ll harvest in the future!

I have read before on the web that writing is one of the income sources for some individual, especially for stay-at-home-mom. Instead of looking for work outside they prefer to work from home while looking after their kids. Writing is a skill and it can be developed more if you have the so called passion.

Me as one of the stay-at-home mothers in the world, I am also aspiring to develop my writing skills as I want to build a career in this field. To do that I could use the powerful five-step writing formula of Michael Masterson. I am also looking forward to learn on how to write great sales letters like what I have read from great books before when I was a student. I am optimistic that one day my wish will become true with the blessings of our almighty God. 
A Change of Career Path

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