Like any webmasters around the globe I also wonder why my twitter drops. It is way opposite thing that I wanted to happen on my twitter followers. I am here at the corner right now thinking and finding possible ways that might bring back the numbers and much better if upsurge smoothly. I track those who unfollow me and so sad to say them goodbye but I have no choice they have their own life that I must respect.

I know I have a lot of things to learn in this online journey. I am just taking things slowly, tackle and learn piece by piece from SEO, online marketing, building online business and digging the different known social Medias used by the mass. Wish me luck folks, I badly want the word of SUCCESS to cover all over me. Well, by now humbly speaking I am claiming to attract positive results. Guys, if you know some of the possible reasons why followers unfollow us please don’t get scared to share it in the form of a comment.
Why Twitter Followers Unfollow Me?

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