I am just documenting today my last withdrawal I made from Paypal. The conversion of US Dollar to Philippine Peso is unimpressive as it was low and it undeniably brought a sad face to me. I miss that exchange rate of 41 or 42 like the days I used to keep seeing. Things are not really stagnant. Well, does it means that the Philippine economy is getting better? If so, how come there are still millions of Filipinos agonizing over the economy? Can you explain that to me? Or Maybe I am just way behind the Philippine news.

The last withdrawal I made 1 U.S. dollar was equal to 39.68, and few minutes ago upon checking it’s lower than this. Hayssst! But…for me who is working online from home it is very fine as long as my working load will also soar.

US Dollar to Philippine Peso is Low

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