The Statue of Liberty National Monument is a well-known tourist attraction in New York. Many people are craving to visit it and that includes myself. I’ve never been there so it would be a dream come true once I can step and take a picture of myself with the Liberty statue and tour the whole part of New York.
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Hubby have told me that he visited there many times years ago before we met each other. He added that there were masses of people in the line sacrificing just to see closer the statue. Well, I couldn’t blame the people’s enthusiasm to witness it closely. Who knows they also travel miles away like hubby did just to see one of the United States famous landmark. Visiting the island smoothly and seamless as you wanted it to be is advisable you to hire a tour guide as they will escort you along the way of your sightseeing. I know it cost additional expenses to you but absolutely your experience of statue of Liberty tours will be ended a remarkable moment that you will never forget in your life.
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Statue of Liberty Tours

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