Link Vehicle is one of my earning sources online. Few weeks they’ve launched I did not hesitate to join and try their service. Bloggers get paid to make reviews and text links placement on their homepage. Since I joined I never have problems with their payment service except this month. They pay every 1st of the month and supposed to be I’ll get paid by now. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for my earnings from previous month as they are having issue over PayPal. 
On the first day I found a message on my LV dashboard informing the payment will be delayed for 24 hours this month because of PayPal problem. What’s really going on with PayPal? Could you please tell me? 
Now is already the 4th day and still did not receive my payment from LV. I began to wonder now. Hmmm… I have checked again my LV account few minutes ago and this another message below appears.
Whoever fault this is I just hope that my earnings will reflect soon on my Paypal because I really need money. Money! Money! Money! Oh, money! please magnetized me as I need you badly.
Link Vehicle Issue with Paypal

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