What particular country would usually come into your mind when it comes to counterfeited products? Isn’t it China? Well, China is the leading originator of counterfeited products in these top 3 products in America. I know this news is not new anymore to you as wherever you go you can see replica items from China. Consumers are buying those items because primarily very cheap and almost exactly look the same as the original merchandise. Yet seems they differ only in the quality but actually if you’ll just take care of it very well, surely will last longer. Anyway, here are the top 3 Products in America being counterfeited by China.

1.)  Handbag/Wallets

2.) Watches/Jewelry

3.)  Wearing Apparel/ Accessories

 You have read the 3 above, so in this recent kind of economy, would you continue patronizing authentic products or go with the flow of buying replica as you can save more than half?
Top 3 Counterfeited Products in America

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