Most parents won’t deny that one of the greatest challenges to maintaining a household is keeping information organized. Handheld organizers may provide a helpful and manageable system. While cellphones, laptops, iPods, and paper planners can help, high-tech devices present unique features designed specifically to keep you and your family on track. Outside of the home and office, a handheld organizer allows for most scheduling requirements. 

Along with the development of technology, trends today revolve around wireless communication. One of the most important considerations, therefore, relates to wireless communication capabilities. Handheld organizers that offer free access to data, without geographic restrictions, provide maximum convenience. The fact is that handheld pocket organizers are often the most useful and convenient method for keeping track of data.  Handheld devices offer an effective way to manage notes, lists, schedules, appointments, software, and contact information.  Compact devices are less restrictive, comfortable, and easy to use. Listed below are a few excellent options.
The PalmOne m500 handheld offers an excellent device well suited to busy lifestyles. This handheld organizer has an advanced monochrome LCD screen, a feature that prevents glare and maximizes visibility in poorly lit areas. It also contains 8 MB of memory, with the capacity to store lists, contacts, notes, and appointments. Additional memory can be added and the cost is relatively inexpensive (typically just under $200). It is Mac and Windows compatible, with desktop software included. 
The HP iPAQ 111 Classic handheld device runs considerably more (just under $400), yet it provides an excellent way to organize your daily schedule. Special features allow for the viewing and editing of Powerpoint, Word, and Excel files with convenient Microsoft Office Mobile capabilities.  Enjoy the freedom of synchronizing and viewing your email and calendar as well as an added feature that allows for hand-free Bluetooth connections.

When selecting a hand-held organizer, a Smartphonemay offer an alternate choice with several good features. The Blackberry Torch comes in several styles with several attractive features. An on-screen keyboard, a trackpad, camera, and the capability to connect to Wi-Fi, all lend themselves beautifully to organization and data storage. A 4 GB media-card (with additional memory capabilities) is included. Prices vary.

The Palm Pre 2 also contains excellent organizational features. Web-access, Wi-Fi connection, contact information, internal calendars, task, and specialized memo applications lend themselves perfectly to organizing busy households. The pricing for this device also varies.

You may also want to consider GPS navigation devices that provide practical support for travelers, backpackers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Several GPS devices that are portable offer multi-parallel channels that allow for the tracking of several satellites at once.

Once you’ve decided what your specific needs are, and what your budget will allow for, you can begin searching for that perfect hand-held organizer.  You’ll be well on your way to remembering appointments, managing tasks, and enjoying your family with the peace of mind that an organized life provides.

Anne Robinson is a blogger and journalist who writes about anything related to tech and gaming. When not using her smart phone to take movies and photos of her adorable baby Jack she likes to play online pokies and other games.

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