It’s my first time ever to witness boxing sale! If you want to go shopping with great savings, then today is that moment. I went to the mall today and saw people in full hands lifting their shopping bags. I couldn’t believe it that, this during boxing sale people go crazy in Canada shopping on that day at the mall. By 6am some of the boutiques at the mall were already open. According to hubby since he’d left at 6am for work the people were lined-up already at the entrance door at the computer store few steps from our apartment. I am impressed!
Well, who won’t go crazy when the store is on boxing sale with mostly 70%, 50%  and some 30% discount on their entire items? The consumers want very low price and this it, the awaited moment that does occur only once in a blue moon. So go grab the chance!
So what did I get? Hmmm…I only bought my fitness stuff for daily use and the Nivea Lotion which is buy 1 take 1.
  (Above) Purchased it in $19.99 plus tax. Its regular price is 39.99 plus tax.
      My Nivea lotion, $9.99 each but since buy 1 take 1 so I got this for $9.99 plus tax. For an infrequent shopper like me, savings like this brings big Smile to my face!

So what about you, what did you shop on Boxing Sale? 

Today is Boxing Sale! People Go Crazy Shopping!

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