This drooling kitchen baking tool has been on top of my kitchen list for over months now. I have not crushed out from the list because still doesn’t exist in our kitchen. (wink) I kept checking its price both online and directly at the store for regular update. Obsessed huh?
Telling you, this KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Metallic Chrome color is in 10 Speed. I never became obsessed of any quality mixer till I found out that baking has started becoming my passion. 
Last check online on my favorite online store, I saw this in $249.99Can reduced already with its $100 discount sale. Of course plus the tax so it will be more than with the sale amount. I can’t wait to have one like this in the future. I wish KitchenAid will give me one like this one day! I will be shouting for joy if that would happen. Anyway, I am saving for this because I want it so bad to be present in my kitchen.

Saving for KitchenAid Stand Mixer

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