I am surprised when I found out that e cigarette has massive increase of sales in the market. Imagine, its sales passed the $2 billion yearly sales. It seems the product would be replacing the regular cigarettes in the future. What do you think? 
I admit my father is a great smoker. He consumes 2 packs of regular cigarettes a day. If you are going to sum up all the expenses he spent just for that thing, well, it is already a lot of money. Actually he doesn’t know that e cigarette exist in this day. 
Actually I saw first this type of cigar on the commercial when I was watching TV at home. The good thing of this product is it has a better quality and besides it is affordable than the regular type. In fact, it has five available flavors to choose for consumers. If you really think its differences you can make a judgement that the new innovation of cigarette is a good one and no wonder it is hit in the market and its sales are keep increasing. I am becoming interested to learn more about this product for my father. 

To the individuals who do smoke out there you make your own verdict which cigarette to use after knowing its differences. By the way, you can read more information about e cigarette online if you are interested for further details.

Rapid Growth of E Cigarette in the Market

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