Mostly ladies love coloring their nails and that is part of personal beautification, don’t you agree with me?
It’s been a long while since I put colors on my nails and I miss doing it. When I was still in my home country I have been doing it almost every two weeks. If too lazy to bend my back for my nails I just visit my favorite salon few steps away from home. I honestly miss pampering my twenty nails with different beautiful lively colors of nail polish. I have also my personal kit back home which I used when I feel doing it by myself but I gave it to my mother before we fly here in Canada.  
Actually I have the thought of purchasing a new nail polish kit for home use since I can hardly afford to visit beauty salon around us. And guess what? Even if I will just do-it-by-myself with the use of Gel Nail Polish Kit I could still acquire a salon experience. I am becoming excited about these creations. I saw the website of where we could get the gel nail polish kit starter. Mind you, they offer 32 stunning nail gel colors that go on smooth, long lasting, and very durable. Nailuv’s stellar shades are long-wearing and lightweight, promising a perfect, seamless nail finish each time. 

For your information, Salon Gel Nail Polish is designed for anybody who wants to try salon quality manicures and pedicures from the convenient at their home. The color would last up to two weeks. Of course you have to follow the instructions provided in the kit to gain some knowledge or techniques in the product usage or application.
So girls are you now ready to grab all the 32 Gel Nail Polish Colors? As for my first move I will tell hubby to sponsor me for the Kit as it includes LED Light, Gel Polish Remover, Cleanser, Nail Buffer, Nail Cuticle Pusher, Application Guide, and Gel Color. My nails are now getting so excited! Soon I’ll be saying goodbye to my pale color nails.
Pamper Your Nails at Home with Salon Gel Nail Polish

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