Human being is the smartest creature created by God in this universe. Did you know that average human can produce 12,000 thoughts per day? And deep thinker is about 50,000 thoughts? Regardless how nonsense or with so much sense it is, putting it into words and to share it to the world is all up to you. 
Those skilled writers, novelists, journalists, and any related field of career are just few examples of human being who think deeply and share it to the mass of people. Magazines, novels, well-written articles you are reading everyday either on books or online are just a few.
Now, for topics exposure, you know there are lots of ways especially online. To mention one is Exposix. Are you quite familiar with the website guys? There you are given an opportunity to share your topic or ask questions whether environmental questions, or personal. It is all up to you what you would like to impart to the readers. Actually, it is like a forum with question and answer portion and anybody can participate as long as has an account. Since it has environmental questions anyone can learn something from it especially about global warming and how to be greener. So are you ready now to share what’s in your mind?

Expose Your Deepest Thoughts

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