Pretty iPhone 4 Case

This is my iPhone 4 given by my hubby a year ago. Since then I have not changed yet its case. Actually I started looking few months ago a pretty case as a replacement but in the store where I went the price was expensive, $29 excluding tax. Honestly I don’t want to spend such amount just for the case. I don’t care if you will call me cheap but that is the truth I find it way high. 
Christmas is approaching and I know stores will be having their sale event. In fact still November and I found sale items already especially cell phone case. Before this year ends I would be glad to see my phone in its new habitat. I am thinking of going into pink from black. What do you think? Speaking of pink, I started liking this case below. Well, what can you say?

 Are you wondering how much it cost? Well, it is cheaper than the one I saw at the store I visited few months ago. I simply like its unique design. The pouch is made of silica for durable, longer lasting and protection from scratches, chips and dust. You know phone is one of the things that we mostly use everyday, so protection and proper care is a must for me. Hopefully by the time I made up my mind the pretty cellphone case would still be available.

7 thoughts on “Pretty iPhone 4 Case

  1. That is cute. I like pink items.
    My phone is a pink Samsung Galaxy pocket and it also has a protective case. For me and hubby these items should be protected coz they cost a lot.

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