I am happy to think that I see the development of my blog lately. Its Alexa is getting lower, although still approaching to 1M but it is a great improvement from 2M weeks ago. It has a rapid rise as I remember. I am also trying to learn SEO( search engine optimization) bit by bit. You know to webmasters traffic from search engine plays a big impact to their respective websites or blogs.
Aside from Alexa, I am also working on my blogs Domain Authority. Thanks God it is now 31/100 from 28/100 weeks ago which is considered as malnourished. Who wants to have a malnourished pet? Nobody, right? Moreover, Momsdrive Online Finds Page authority is now 42 which is also rising like its Domain Authority. 
Lately, blog advertisers are becoming picky. Before only Alexa and the blog Page Rank was the bases but not this time anymore. DA and PA have been added. With all these new regulations, blogging is becoming more complex. 
As blogger, in order to reach the optimum level of this journey, perseverance and a continuous learning should not just take for granted. Study SEO, learn the techniques/ ways of promotion and so forth.
Nourishing My Blogs

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