I member how my Alexa went down so fast years ago in the existence of cheap advertising site called Adgitize. I was active during those times because I need to earn back my money that I paid for the advertisement. 
This blog Momsdrive Online Finds reached 500K in just a couple of months. Now where it stands? It’s in million and way far to go from where it had been before. I wish Adgitize is still alive because it is easier for me to lower my Alexa rank.  You know to advertisers Alexa is very important. That is one of their basis for traffic and visibility of a blog.
Honestly now that my blog PR is going back slowly to its PR3 which went down to PR1 months ago. Although Google not yet thoroughly return my PR3, hopefully in the next update they will. I will be thankful if all of my  blogs will return to its PR3 especially Walk with Me and Mom’s Villa.
Despite of my  Alexa rank, blogging must go on! Instead I’ll be doubling my effort on it.
Need to Work Hard to Lower Alexa Rank

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