Finally I came to the point of making a fashion list 101. If you have wants, I do too. To make the list rolling just keeps on reading. It’s up to me whether one day, somehow, these stuffs written on this fashion list 101 of mine would physically be home.



I am drooling to have this Due ballerina in “Patent Hot Cherry ballerina.” I have been looking for this at the shopping mall around Vancouver and the mall close by but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. Before buying stuff to put on or wear on my body I always see to it that I have seen it personally especially the expensive ones. Sorry I don’t have the money tree to just pick dollars for my wants. 
 According to fitflop Due ballerina is a ‘MUST’ for every commuting girl’s wardrobe. Hmmmm…You make your own verdict guys! 
In rainy days in BC, I can’t wait to have this cute Hunter Rain boots. It rains here for months and months and people seem already used to it. My foot that’s new to BC all I can say I want this Hunter Short Glossy Rain Boots! I find this one in black pretty. In fact I already tried on this when I went to the mall. I hope it would be in 50% sale when I buy.
I need more jackets, for fall and winter season. This Jessica brand would make me warm despite of the cold temperature outside. You know there are tons of jackets and coats online or at the mall. We’ll be dizzy and confuse because mostly are nice. This finds of mine is just an example for me to take a look at as days or months go by.

My fashion list is just short for now. Maybe I could find more to add on the list as I explore more the things that surrounds me. How about you guys, have you write your fashion list?

Fashion List 101

One thought on “Fashion List 101

  • December 10, 2012 at 1:26 am

    I’ll put that due ballerina shoes on my shopping list too!


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