I love shopping! I have said before that I can stand all day finding good deals in the store. Yesterday was another window shopping time and I was drooling with the nice fall outfits I saw. Grrr…I wish I could shop everyday till I drop. lol!
Anyway, I tried to exchange my winter jacket I bought weeks ago into 3-in-1 type but I couldn’t find one at Sears. I couldn’t find also any other thing that interest on me in the price level  of what I had purchased. Well, I don’t want to add more money. I know I am too cheap but I am doing it for a reason.
We stop over at the children’s place and my baby told me this phrase “buy me this mommy please!” The poor mother has no money so I just answered “next time baby, okay?” and added “we need to go now I still need to cook for dinner!” lol!
Fall Season Sale!

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