I just added recently few items for this winter season. Since this year is the very first time that I can experience this season here in CA so I really need more stuffs, and we’re buying it bit by bit as well as for the kids.

Last weekend these gloves and a pair of boots were being to my shopping boxes, so they are now eliminated from my list.
            Gloves from WalMart.


And my pretty new boots from Aldo. Could you believe I spent more than an hour looking and fitting boots just inside Aldo store? Oh, yes it is true and I felt something bad because hubby and the kids were patiently waiting for me. But as least I made to take home a pair even though no discount availed. Hmmm…now I am looking forward to get the rest of the stuff on my winter shopping list, and I am so excited if what would be the next stuff to be eliminated. heheheh.

Added Boots and Gloves

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