Now that I got the time to reciprocate in dropping my EC to other websites/blogs EC is acting up. Sad to say that it won’t open and error. I have more pending things to do that needs my attention the soonest as possible.
In some other aspect of life, I am glad that I able to update the iPhone to the current version of software which at first it gives me an error while on the process. What I did was restore everything and thanks to god my shaking nerves are now all set after successfully updated everything. Thanks to my husband for keep on reminding me to do the things that I need to be done. I appreciate it so much hon for being with me in all the way. To put in details the how to update an iPhone 4 I’ll follow that later. For now I need to go. See you later and have a wonderful Monday to all of you.
Entrecard is Acting Up

One thought on “Entrecard is Acting Up

  • September 25, 2012 at 8:34 am

    It seems that Entrecard has gone for good this time :-(


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