Last Saturday was a busy day for us. After performing the household chores hubby drove us to Wal-Mart to get the kids bedding and some other necessary household stuff that we need. We divided the task since there are things that we need to get from other store, besides, we can finish early this method since there are other things that must need to be done before the day ends. So hubby went to IKEA for the kids bed and drove back to where he dropped us right after he was done with his task.
For the finds here we go. Since my little daughter is a fan of Dora the Explorer so here is her choice, the comforter and the set of bed fittings in Dora design. Of course my son doesn’t want to be left behind, he have chosen too his own favorite character, Spiderman!
Despite of the whine I heard from my children on that day, I still enjoyed the moment of shopping in which I wish I could do it everyday. lol! In my dreams!

Cartoon Bedding

One thought on “Cartoon Bedding

  • August 14, 2012 at 6:27 am

    I miss buying my own beddings. Lol. My mom does all the buying of the bedding for me and I don’t get to choose what design I want. Lol.


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