Have you ever asked yourself if the perfect parents exist? If so, have you meet them?  Just in my point of view I don’t believe that there is such a perfect parent in this world. Hence, I believed that there is plenty trying hard to be a perfect parent and that includes me. Yes, I admit wholly. 
Being a parent is not a joke especially the husband or wife is miles away from each other. There are varieties of parenting books available at the bookstore or even online. I am collecting it then read and apply in real life as trial and error. If effective to my children then I am feeling good but if a failure so I just proceed to another strategy. Talking to other parents also helps to gather ideas. You know different techniques or tips are just on air. It is only a matter of how resourceful you are in acquiring those.  
Anyhow, now that we are in summer we have decided to enroll the children in summer workshops. My son is in academic subject and the little girl in non-academic which is the voice lesson. So what do I expect? Of course a good result once the program ends. During my spare time this summer you can still find me online participating in mom forum asking and sharing ideas to other parents. It is really fun mingling with other individuals in this universe.  In the forum, one mom asked there if what age is the ideal for preschooler. If I’ll throw that question to you folks, what would be your answer? 
My children started schooling at the age of 2 years and 8 months. Is that too early? Some moms I’ve talked to said it is really early but I told them that my children want to do so, so as parents we discussed and agreed about it. So far we are happy with the outcome on this investment.
Parenting is Uneasy Task

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