Forgive me to rant about LBC’s poor International shipping service. I blogged about it already in my other blog after a week when my docs is still not yet delivered. Who won’t feel dismay if you paid big amount just to reach your thing as soon as possible to its destination but the docs will not arrive on time being told? You tell me!

My last transaction with LBC will surely be the last and no more next time. In fact, yesterday I send another docs International through FedEx. So Goodbye to LBC! All I am waiting right now is for my docs to be delivered to my husband.

By the way, here is the 3 days being told by the LBC staff I dealt with. Please you tell me if he has the word of honor. I paid Php2,000 plus for its shipping fee and this is what I got.
If this happens to you, will you be happy? If I only knew ahead that this is the kind of service I’ll receive from them, I swear won’t be sending my documents to them.
I contacted also their customer hotline and what they answered me  is just “to wait.”  I emailed also but no response. They don’t bother even to say a single word..
So this is the worst experienced I had from sending docs through LBC lately.
My Bad Shipping Experience through LBC: I’m so Disappointed!

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