Traveling is absolutely fun! As soon as the plane landed on the airport the travel journey begins. Then you may decide what transportation means you want to take you around or would drop you to your respective destination. Speaking of transportation means, shuttle is more fun as ever. You can see the views outside while on the way.
If your flight is going to Fort Lauderdale airport then you are lucky because there is an express shuttle from fort lauderdale airport tomiami. The express shuttle actually offers both shared and private ride from the said airport as well as Port of Miami and Miami Hotels. By looking at their website I found out that the shared ride is $20 per person going to the Port of Miami and the private transportation is $140 per van which is up to 10 passengers.  In order to reserve the transportation for your upcoming travel I think you better make your booking days ahead of time. By the way, the Express Shuttle offers discount for groups which is good news for travelers like me. 
Now that summer in our place is here it would be great to visit my ideal destinations with the whole family and be on the shuttle.
Express Shuttle Services

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