Many individuals get involved in blogging activity whether for fun or as an earning source. I remember how I started blogging 3 years ago when I was pregnant. Purely it was for fun. Besides it was far from my knowledge that I could earn from it. Not until I made further research if how blogging goes. 
A close friend of mine introduced me to blog land and I shared the same way to my friends. So let’s go to the main subject on how to start a blog. This is based on my own blogging experience.
Step One: Sign up to blogger and create your blogspot domain name. Aside from it is totally free blogspot domain til the hosting they have numerous templates to choose from which are easy to manage. Another free blogging platform for anyone to use is WordPress.If you are comfortable with it then go ahead. Once you registered your blog then you start your posting right away with the niche you decided.
Step Two: Choose your custom domain. Months after, I decided to buy my own custom domain from Godaddy then I forward my free blogspot domain to my purchased custom domain. The visitors from my old free domain is redirected to the new one. Prior to the transfer, there are some steps that you need to be done in Godaddy website right from your own account. 
Step Three: Choose your paid hosting site for your custom domain if you have decided not to host your blog in a free blogging platform.
In my case that I have no budget for paid hosting then my custom domain retains in blogger and access it also just right there. As a newbie blogger on my times, these simple steps are my guide which you could also follow especially if just a newbie. 
How to Start a Blog

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