I was having trouble in letting my kids take their syrup vitamins before so when I visited hubby’s hometown I decided to look for vitamins that my kids would be happy taking them. Fortunately at COSTCO there were a lot of gummy vitamins like IronKids and FlintStones Gummies which are suited for my preschoolers.

My children are so picky eaters, and in fact every meal is like a struggle for them. So because of that they really need vitamins supplements so they could get sufficient vitamins which the body needs daily. But now that the bought gummies are started out of supply at home therefore I need to buy liquid temporarily while waiting for hubby’s supply.

Does anyone of you here have tried the mentioned vitamins for your children?

No More IronKids Gummies

One thought on “No More IronKids Gummies

  • December 13, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    I not really let my daughter take this kind of vitamins, even I give it to my daughter, I take this vitamins as candy and not vitamins, I prefer to find out what is the problem that why my daughter so picky, at the beginning, I though that my daughter is picky, but at the end, I find out that she prefer to eat noodle because it is smooth and not the rice, rice for her is like eating stone, so now she is ok, I am not cook rice everyday anymore, I keep changing for everyday she eat, she will not so boring.


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