I decided to buy a new .com domain for my travel blog when I found out that godaddy has an special offer of $5 per .com domain. Due to over excitement I hurriedly proceed to check-out portion to own the domain I wanted to avail. But I felt disappointed when I couldn’t find the Paypal as my way of payment and that is because Godaddy omitted it for this promo which is so unfair! Only credit card and check are allowed to be used. Sad! I don’t have them right now!

So instead of waiting till dawn to drop my new credit card from heaven I decided to use the promo code FAN3 to avail a little bit discount. I pay $7.67 through Paypal including ICANN fee which is not totally bad.

By the way, the $5 promo will expire after 10,000 redemption. If you are planning to avail better head there now.

Special Offer! $5 Godaddy .Com Domain

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