In the Philippines business process outsourcing is growing. For big companies instead of hiring people to do some other task like customer service they outsource it. In that way they can save time of hiring and training of people which is actually an additional work and expenses to the company. While outsourcing becomes now the trend in business of course there are also numerous Software development services that could make the operation fast and accurate. In fact the enhancement of the program keeps on going and seems there’s no end.

Hubby told me before that he is very interested in opening such business in the Philippines. I know it will take time to do the research about how it goes, how much the profit to make and the things needed for the start-up. As of now all I can say is that outsourcing is really booming in the country with the use of Custom Development Software. People who have been working in that field are lucky because they received an above minimum wage.

Outsourcing is Booming in the Country

One thought on “Outsourcing is Booming in the Country

  • November 25, 2011 at 7:13 am

    Ofcourse outsourcing the work has its advantages and its becoming more common lately to outsource the little work and gain profits from it. India is known very well for taking up such outsourcing projects and like you said it has its boom everywhere now.


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