If you are going to count the Christmas day from now, it is like just a wink of an eye. Time flies very fast folks. When I went to downtown days ago I already seen houses decorated with Christmas decors. There are different colors of Christmas lights placed outside the house that makes the house sparkle and so bright at night. It is so wonderful!

Ten years ago, by the month of September we already decorated our home with variety of decorations. But how about now? It is November and there is nothing even a piece. Oh, what’s going on? Is it really because of crisis? Well, there are cheap Christmas ornaments like below sell at the local stores. Actually I am thinking of getting few in the coming days. I just need an ample of my time.

I like garland to be put on our outside door. Hmmm… I am thinking of grabbing one. How about you folks have you started filling your home with beautiful Christmas decors?

Have You Started Putting Christmas Decor?

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