It is so irritating to think of having no electricity for the entire day. Unfortunately not only for one day but it’s been on and off for months already. I don’t understand the management of MOELCI I actually. They don’t give announcements or any notices. If they do, maybe only in selected areas. Based on what I heard and my observation if there are any unexpected incident such as falling objects hit on their wires that can cause brown out especially in our areas, their actions take forever men. Again I don’t understand! Are they lack of manpower? If so, why not hire more to give a satisfactory service to their customers?

MOELCI I is very active in disconnecting their customers if can’t pay the 2 months bill. Does it mean that they’re only good in that aspect? Oh, please! Please provide us a good service peeps. The ordinary individual like me who doesn’t own generator would suffer the consequences of brown out. We are in a tropical country, so thinking of sleeping through the night without any fan or air conditioner is so uncomfortable and worst if have tots like me because I’ll use a card board for the entire night just to give them an air.

To the management of MOELCI I (Misamis Occidental Electric Cooperative Inc.), until when the Aloran Misamis Occidental specifically “Tawi-Tawi” would suffer this big problem?

So Irritating, Always Brown Out!

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