I visited one of the nearest current housing project located near to the place where we had lived in Cebu. Hubby told me to do visit so here is the evidence that I went. The continuous development of different subdivisions in Cebu simply shows that it is booming. Some people buy lots of houses just for investment. So far it is really a good and smart idea to invest in such type of business. Though it needs a lot of money but this is the only investment that you can pass to your next generation and more upcoming generations. Well, do you agree?

By the way, here are the images I captured, the 2 storey-houses of Deca Homes. The thing that I don’t like in this project is the buyer will do the finishing touches, like put tiles, do the room division; make the kitchen and a lot more . Unlike to other subdivision that is move in ready and all you have to bring are your appliances then you can start a new life in a new house.

Below is an empty space for the houses to be developed. I forgot to ask when they’re going to start building in this portion. All I know is the selling if fast because it is near to the mall, airport, and the beach.

The Latest Deca Homes Housing Project

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