Barbie is a famous doll with her so sexy body and a beautiful face. I heard some individuals envisioning themselves in the body of Barbie. We know such body is so impossible on earth. Though there are beauty experts these days that do the surgery to attain the changes of a certain individual but still Barbie’s figure is way unreachable. Do you agree?

Honestly I am a fan of her. In fact, I started collecting Barbie’s different sculpture for my daughter, and Barbie on her mermaid figure is the last being added to the collection.

So folks do you also envision yourself in perfect body of Barbie?

Do You Compare Yourself to Barbie?

One thought on “Do You Compare Yourself to Barbie?

  • October 20, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    I adore how stylish ,beautiful, and sexy they are, and i also agree that barbie’s figure is unreachable, unattainable goal to have.

    Do i see myself in perfect body of barbie? yes! in my dreams. =)


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