Of all the PTC sites I’ve known online one of my favorite sites is only PTC_fav. Honestly I was a victim of illegitimate sites like other being online money maker. Before I started blogging I was so active on clicking sites, but when I discovered how to earn from blogging I quit. It is just recently that I go back to my old and only favorite PTC. I have friends who got paid from them. Actually if you want to upgrade to premium which is my future plan once my earnings will reach to their upgrade amount which is $14. For the meantime I’ll just be patiently waiting and clicking their advertisers’ websites.

Guys if you want to join please sign in under my referral. I am planning of raffling something to my direct referrals once they’ll reach 10. So please let me know if you joined under me. Thanks.

Clixsense a Legit PTC

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