I remember how disappointed I was when I went to Walmart to buy a bean bag. I was so disappointed because I didn’t able to get what I wanted because of its wrong merchandise pricing. The price tag above the item was not the price of that bean bag. What was placed there was $19.95. When I went to the counter to pay it the cashier said it is $50. How come it turns that way? I argued with the cashier that the price is really 19.95. She called the in-charge of it but took too long to settle it. I was becoming upset because they put the wrong price. In case the items in that price were out of stock already they should remove the label. I was firing while waiting, really long, so I just told the cashier to forget it. I left the store with mix feelings. I want the bean bag badly but because of that scenario I lost my temper. You know what, I already imagine myself sitting on it while doing my online errands and at the same time watching TV. But now I still not get it. I lost my appetite already for that stuff. So that’s because of Walmart’s wrong pricing of merchandise.
Walmart’s Wrong Pricing of Merchandise

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