Few days ago I got a text from my phone provider telling about my bill. To my surprise I almost fall on the chair because the previous bill amount was multiplied more than tripled. I told hubby about it and he was surprise too. Well, who won’t feel that way when sudden rise occur? I am trying to save as much as possible to reduce my phone bill, but with that news, I was really bothered. After some investigation hubby decided to call Verizon support and asked about the issue.

We have an internet at home so we just connect my iPhone because I always use it for checking mail, tweeter, facebook, and some other purposes. The detail of the bill has not yet arrived so we don’t know yet every details of the transaction done on the phone. Through customer support we found out that the iPhone is not connected to home Wi-Fi internet and I used 50 megabytes which cost $50 which is so insane. Of course we fought for our rights to Verizon. Why they didn’t inform us the buyer about the feature? When we looked at the phone settings, it says connected to our home internet but actually not. So whose fault is that? Ours or the phone provider? We were so disappointed. Imagine this month is $150 and the last month was just $27. See the difference?

Phone Bill Sudden Increase

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