I got my Philippine passport four years ago and soon will be expiring. I am planning to renew it as soon as I get home. Supposed to be in Vancouver but I changed my mind for some reasons. So far I know the latest passport color is brown and the fees have increased as well. I remember I paid mine before for 500 pesos.

Since my passport is a renewal, the documents or requirements I need are as follows:

* Present passport and photocopy of pages 1-3 (amendment) and last page.

* The pages showing latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps

* Other supporting docs. such as Marriage Contract, digitized SSS-ID, driver’s license etc.

Note: In case you are married and want to use spouse surname, then you need to bring Marriage Certificate from the NSO.

And if you are married to a foreigner you need Certificate of Attendance from CFO (Commission of Filipino Overseas)

For the Passport Fees:

* Regular processing fee is 950.00 for 20 working days.
*Rush processing fee is 1,200.00 for 10 days.

Philippine Passport Renewal

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