I remember when my registered blogs received offers and leads from SocialSpark a long time ago. It is sad to say that those days I was not prepared yet. Meaning, not ready yet to familiarize the new phase of SS, without my knowledge that each point is equivalent to a penny. Please correct me if I am wrong. The site had changed some of their systems in which made me confused in the beginning. I had the time in familiarizing it when I checked few weeks ago and received two quite big offers. Of course I felt glad because I need moolah. Fortunately, the posts were approved and it will take a month to receive the payment. Despite of that long waiting time I am still thankful.

I sensed that I am physically and mentally motivated again to do my online errands, maybe it is because Christmas is approaching. lol! Christmas is already on our finger tips and I need to wrap gifts for my family. A SAHM like me who has no residual income, where do you think I could get the money for those gifts? I hope to receive more tasks soon.

Before I end this, I am inviting you to sign up SocialSpark if you have not joined yet.

Now that I Need…

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