Before I joined pisobid I further made research. I have read different sites and also their blog about those people who won on their auctions. At first I thought that pisobid is playing fair, but when I started my experiment I found some suspicious things. I bought 100 bids which cost 1,000 pesos. I was tempted on joining the auction because of a certain prize that I would like to get. I spent my 100 bids but I didn’t able to get the item or anything. I told my hubby about my activity in pisobid and he was upset because I didn’t believe him that those auction sites that need bidders to buy bid in order to join the bidding is a scam.

Honestly when I was out of bid I was tempted to buy more bids because I really want to win to get my money back. Before taking that action I do the math and analyze carefully. What if I still don’t win? Am I willing to take the risk? I asked myself over and over with that question till I made a final decision of not joining there anymore. Hubby is right, if you want to bid just go to eBay. There you don’t need to buy a single bid in order to join the auction.

If you have joined pisobid and win anything then good for you, but if you are like me who just spent the money and didn’t win anything then too bad. It is better to stop while still early.

I Wasted My Money on Pisobid

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