It’s about a month when I put in market one of our units and just yesterday I closed the deal. Then now what’s the next? Since today is Sunday, a day for church, I am thinking of attending the mass. For all the blessing that my family received I am very thankful to the heaven above who is always there for us no matter what. Even though my kids who are in the province and got sick for a while I am still with Him (to our Lord) and keep praying that he would answer my prayers. So this morning I talk to my kids and it’s like they are now fine, no more pain. We have big dreams for our children. In fact, we want them to be a respected doctor and lawyer someday. As parents it’s natural to dream high for our children. We only want them to have a good life in the future. So today while talking to my son on the phone I told him I found, the store where we could buy his scrub uniform when he will having the journey of medical profession. I don’t think he understands what we were talking about, but all I am sure is he knows about doctors because we often see those people while they are here in Cebu with me, and besides that is what we want him to become someday.

Anyway, today is Sunday so I hope you are spending a quality time with your family. About me here I am alone far from my hubby and my kids. So do you think it’s not that lonely? Oh my, I can`t define the feelings. I think I`ll just amuse myself looking at the lovely ladies working nearby wearing their beautiful scrub uniforms.

Sunday Thoughts About Scrub

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