I just want to share with you here my feelings towards my newly hired housekeeper. Actually mama is the one who found her in the province. Honestly this time looking for a housekeeper is really hard. Mostly of them are aiming to work abroad. If fact those who remain in town are just selective that you could tell that they are good. We hired housekeepers so I know their different behavior. There are good texters, late riser, lazy, always asking for advance payment then just leave their job, gossiper and a lot more.

This time the one we got is different from the previous housekeepers we hired. She is an extravagant or wasteful one. I wouldn’t care if what she’s wasting is hers but not! It’s ours! She’s good in wasting food. Oh men I really don’t like it. What I am trying to say is she’s throwing leftover food to the bin. Sad to say that the foods are still good and still can be eaten by me. I observed that she don’t want to eat the food served in the last meal. Oh, is she a rich creature? Well, even though she is but she shouldn’t be wasting food because there are so many hungry people living in the street. It took month for me to realize the whole thing, that she’s wasting food. My bones are so hurt every time I remember what she’s doing. Now I am monitoring the household thoroughly since I am staying home.

The Extravagant Housekeeper

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