Today is a windy day at the city where I reside and it seems anytime the rain shower will occur because of the cloudy sky. Despite of that side I am still here facing the computer doing a search with regards to my dandruff problem. I know I am stressed out most of the time but I am trying my best to stay away from it. Actually my scalp problem has a lot of reasons to consider so that’s why at this very moment I am continue searching the most effective one to solve my embarrassing experience.

Anyway upon searching, I’ve seen the site that discusses about topamax. Does anyone of you heard about it? Topamax is a drug which is known generically as topiramate. It is manufactured for treatment of seizures due to epilepsy and some other usage. As years passed by health experts found negative result especially to pregnant women. You should be aware and careful about this topamax because it poses serious health risks to the unborn baby inside the mother’s womb. So watch out ladies! But in case you are one of the individuals who had taken it there’s a topamax lawsuit 2011 that you should think about.

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