For me, being a mom is the toughest job in this world. Mom’s job includes budgeting, shopping, doing the household chores, driving, taking care of the kids and so much more. So I would say that being a mom is a hard task for any woman. But anyway it’s a pleasure especially when it comes to shopping for baby stuffs for daily needs or use. I admit, I enjoy every moment I go shopping for my little ones. If I only have the means to shop everyday so why not do it, right?

During my first pregnancy hubby was the one who shopped baby things like crib, bassinet, high- chair and stroller. But for baby gym and play mats that was my task. Of course I made sure that the color is so attractive and intended for girls. Babies grow fast and every milestone they are taking to is such an amazing race. So now when it comes to shopping I am in-charge of this thing and I enjoy every moment especially when my kids say I want this and that mommy.

Shopping for Baby’s Needs

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