I had full of memorable moments last December especially that my hubby had his 5 weeks vacation. We went out most of the times with the kids. Honestly I saw the spark of my kids eyes every time they’re playing with their dad. The spark is like the color of my beauty products I have purchased at the mall when there was a big sale event. It’s not like some of the ordinary stuffs that caused damage on my face.

By the way speaking of beauty products, I am aiming of getting new mascara like the one I saw online. I think it would be perfect for me especially when dealing with its price. Aside from mascara, to make my eyes tantalizing I want the concealer too to cover the small holes in my face. So those are some of the cosmetics that I’d like to purchase once I have extra money for my personal needs. And I am planning of getting those online. So I will be back to online shopping then.

I Am Aiming for More Beauty Products

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