Are you a blogger who is blogging for money? Well, if you do, you came at the right time because I saw a certain site for bloggers that splits Google Adsense and Amazon ad impressions in your account 50/50. So do you have accounts in both? Actually, I have some blogger friends who are enjoying the benefits of this Adsense revenue sharing.In this revenue sharing community you have the choice to keep your share or simply donate it. Once you are a registered there, of course you can add your blogs whether you are using a Blogger, WordPress or some other free platform for you to earn more revenue and increase readership. Just to let you know I’ve been a member of their site but due to my busy life I wasn’t able to explore more about it and its benefits, especially for a blogger like me who is always wanting for more earnings. So a few minutes ago I visited the site again and I have read about pinoy 24 tv and belize real estate and of course got the chance to meet the author of the posts.

Join and Start Earning Revenue

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