Globe eaten my cell phone load for the 2nd time. GLOBE ha you are too much! I purchased 100 CP load yesterday because of the plan of calling my husband who is in Canada. But wait, instead of hearing his voice right after I received a confirmation from the GLOBE that I can make a call hmmmm.. I am trap in the middle of nowhere. So frustrating! GLOBE ate my CP load. Before I purchased a load I have 7 pesos. So total of 107. The registration is only 99pesos. Expecting there should be few left but why it says “Sorry you have insufficient load to make this call!” Again I was in “WHAT?” Globe is so funny!

It’s now midnight, stores are now closed so I can’t purchase a load to continue my task for tonight. Tomorrow my subscription will expire because it’s only good for 1 night. Sad to say I am just wasting my money. I accidentally donated it to GLOBE but not really deserving one!


For the 2nd Time Around

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