After the busy times spent in the house doing repeated chores I really deserve a break. I want to go out and enjoy the outside world with my family. Finding an activities or events to watch is not hard. As a matter of fact, I am thinking of bringing the whole family to Beacon Theater and watch Comedy Central Live this coming October. I hope I could purchase the Beacon Theater Tickets this coming month so no more changing of mind later. In the other hand, since it is a family outing I would like also to witness the event of Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3. Surely my kids would love it. Actually I can imagine now the big smile on their sweet faces. The event is in Nassau Coliseum a multi-purpose indoor arena in Uniondale, New York, on Long Island. For us to watch of course I have to get NASSAU COLISEUM TICKETS.

As a mother of two super hyperactive kids, do you think those 2 events mentioned above are enough as treat for a mother? Well, thinking of it makes me realized that mom deserves more. Another interesting place to visit that popped up on my mind is the Radio City Music Hall. I never been there, but I heard from friends that there are numerous events being held there so I have to find out it soon. And with regards to the RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL TICKETS anyone can get it online to avoid the hassles. If you have so hectic schedule try to transact things online through their trusted site.

The Events I Love to Watch

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