I got this HP F4200 printer when I renewed my contract to Smart. I was so glad when they handed it to me personally because I don’t need to get money anymore from my own pocket in order to get one. I enjoyed using the unit printing and scanning when it still working. Few months after I enjoyed using this free printer it got damaged. It happened when I refilled the ink cartridge. I don’t know if I did something wrong with it. It just won’t print. Right after clicking the print button the message “The cover is Open” appears and always keep on appearing til now. Grrr.. No good!

Bear in mind I just refilled the ink. So why it is like that? If I only knew that the printer performance would be like this I won’t even bother claiming it from the Smart Wireless Station. If you’ll ask me if it is recommended to buy, my answer is NO! This HP F4200 printer is really no good!

HP F4200 Printer Not Recommended

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