We went to the island here nearby for the new adventure. Before heading there I called the Costumer Service and confirmed once again if how much is there entrance fee. I got all the details then we prepared ourselves for the new adventure. Unfortunately we were late when we arrived at the pump boat station going to the island so they don’t entertain anymore the coming guest because it’s already low tide. Because of that I talked to the management to let us in because I’m too curious to see the place. It’s new and just started the operation last month and the construction is still on going till now. So they let us transport to Talima island with their boat. Upon reaching the island it’s already low tide. We saw the rocks coming out and I’m glad to say that we have zero entrance fee. Yes, zero! On our next visit I want to make sure that we’ll be early so we can enjoy the place and all the rides all over the place.

Zero Entrance Fee

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