So what will I do if I’ll Win $100? My answer is so simple, I will use the money to buy a new set of keypad for my laptop. If you noticed the image below, that is the keypad of the laptop I’ve been using for almost 2 years. Do you find it unique and simple? There are keys that been missing and until now I dunno their whereabouts. If you have seen them kindly send it over, please.. lol! Actually it is not like this before when hubby gave it to me, but my little kiddos were the ones who heartlessly abused it. They get inside my room while I was in the bathroom and they were operating my computer like they both know how. I caught them many times, not only once. So as you can see there are already 5 missing keys.

Blogging became part of my daily life. My day is not complete if I can’t do my online errands. I am trying hard blogger who wants to earn online even if only few cents because I know it is still money and I consider it as an additional income to bring home. So as part of my daily blogging life is dealing with this incomplete keypad of mine. I’m sure you know that it is hard poking the area where the missing keys are located just to let the characters appear on the screen. Sometimes I think of using the stones to help me poke the area where keys been missing.
Actually, I already asked the cost of a new set of keypad for my laptop, and I found out that it cost around PhP3,000 to PhP5,000 based on what the store personnel had told me. It is very expensive! What I want to get only are the missing keys but they don’t sell like that. It should be the whole set. So where I’ll get the money to buy for it? So I am hoping that I’ll win in a contest online so I could get a replacement for my old keypad.(*sigh*)

This is an official entry to Thanksgiving Contest of Noel and Levy.

What Will I do if I’ll Win $100?

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