I was not born 60 or 70 years ago to witness how the world clothing started and evolved, but through the designed vintage clothing that I saw online and making further research is also like I was born 60 or 70 years ago, and still existing till the recent generation. Looking back at the shining times of our ancient people with their contributions is such an interesting subject to share with anyone.

My grandma is now 80 years old, but she’s still alert and kicking while wearing her 60s vintage clothing. I love looking at her wearing with those gorgeous outfits. Actually finding these days any gorgeous vintage clothing during our antique times is not that hard like digging for gold. The creation also during of 70s vintage clothing is available online. I don’t have any vintage clothing so while looking at their lovely creations gave me the thought of having my own collection for me to be included in that old ergeneration. Well, isn’t it an interesting thing to do?
By the way, here are some of the designs of vintage clothing which caught my attention.


vintage clothing vintage clothing

I can’t wait to wear any of them. They are so gorgeous! What about you, did you also ever imagine of wearing any of our ancient clothing to reminisce the past?

Through Vintage Clothing

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